Monday, May 7, 2007

OK, so here's one.....

It's a busy Saturday morning, I'm on a register, bagging some stuff and putting it in the empty basket on my left. I turned back around to the register on my right and spot this kid standing about 4 feet away from me. He's got a bottle of Axe off the shelf and is in the process of spraying it on himself under the large hoodie he's sporting. As soon as he's done, he replaces the cap and starts to put it back where he got it. I'm just standing there, kinda stunned at how nonchalant he is as he blatantly steals around all these people. After a second of just staring at him I spit out a simple (somewhat combative) "Hi there!" He looks at me, and after a pause say stupidly "Do you want me to buy that?" I just sort of cocked my head to the side and said "That's a *nice* idea!" Then I proceeded to plant myself right there, staring him down point blank, until he got into a line and checked out. Trust me, he is only one in an army of customers who have decided that Walmart is not so much about SELLING products as we are about offering free samples of whatever you lack.

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