Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Little wheels keep on turnin'...

I had a lady come up to the desk because of a price issue - her receipt said one amount, but the sign said something different. Here is how obnoxious people are: the sign said $1.87, but she was charged $1.93. I go check to be sure ('cause if she's gonna be that petty then I think I will be too.) I return, apologize, get her to sign the slip, and then refund her the difference... 6 cents. She literally wasted 4 minutes and a half-foot of receipt tape just to get her nickel and penny back. I thought haggling with me over 20 cents was bad, but this, I believe, will be the record. (Stay tuned though - there's probably an even BIGGER tool just waiting in the wings...)

About two weeks ago, a man walks up to me and asks if he can return a defective bike he won at an elementary school fund-raising event. Here's how it went:

(me) "Not your color?"


"Not your style?"


"So what's wrong with it?"

"I'm having problems with the back wheel...."

"Well you gotta take the training wheels off."

I'm processing a guy's MoneyGram order, when I hear him say "Uh-oh." Looking up, I say "What?", thinking either I did something wrong or he found out there was a problem with the MoneyGram slip. He's standing there, cell phone to his ear and says "Uh-oh" again. Slower and a bit more tentatively, I repeat "What?" He says "This girl I'm seeing just left me a message and she said she loved me or somethin." "OK." "She's gotta go." Pause. "Ok... so you're dead inside and you hate hearing that someone loves you." "I just got divorced... It's just not working out - she's really not my type." "Well, *generally* with women, if you know it's not working out, it's a good idea to end it sometime BEFORE they start leaving love messages on your voicemail."

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