Monday, May 14, 2007

All in a day's work

An old couple returned an opened DVD set, saying the movie had foul language and was not at all what they expected. She pulled it right out and promptly brought it back to us. Well, federal copyright laws being what they are, there was nothing I could do since it had been opened. One of my managers decides to overrule me and the United States government, saying it was a matter of customer satisfaction. Their complaint was HOW were they to know?? Well, I told them that you can get reviews for almost any movie made on the internet, yada yada yada, it was busy and I got them outta there. When I had a second, I flipped the box over and there it was right there:

Movie 1 - Rated R (Adult situations, nudity, violence, profanity)
Movie 2 - Rated R
Movie 3 - Rated R
Movie 4 - Not Rated (Violence)

I just wish someone would come up with a way for people to know what kind of movie they're buying. . . something to help so that they wouldn't be surprised or even *horrified* when they get to the actual content. . . something that would let them know what was in it BEFORE they bought it. . . .

Well, I'M stumped.

(It's just a shame grandma didn't leave it in long enough to witness any of the sexual shenanigans that bumped it up to an R. She might have had an aneurysm - and they would've tried to stick Wal-mart with the funeral costs.)

A lady comes in wanting to get her organization's tax exempt number. We looked through ONE of the 6 massive binders (M-O) for New Sunshine somethin'... anyway we couldn't find it. Someone else comes up to help her and I move on to a different customer. The other employee asks what her name is, if her named is in the title of the company. She looks a little irritated and asks "Are churches usually named after a person?" The employee pauses, I look up and say "Well, it does happen. Kinda like Jonestown. . ." The lady I'm helping laughs and says "I hope it's a little different." I'm like "I know, right." After they leave, I turn around to one of my managers and indignantly shake my head "NO! You can't have a tax exempt card to buy your Kool-aid!"

There's a display of carpet cleaners you can rent set up by the front desk. One guy was poking around and asked me "Do you have any of these bottles [of the cleaning solution] that are open so I could smell it?" I told him "Noooo, we generally frown upon any type of huffing taking place in the store, especially right next to the customer service desk."

FUN FACT: I was on a register the other day and counted 23 DIFFERENT kinds of beef jerky available in just that one check out line. Amazing.

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Kay said...

I wonder if your return policy for open videos could include telling the customer you can't return it by law, but that they can sell it to half-price books.